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Dear comrades,

we’d like to inform you about some new situations arose in the PCint owing to all Catanzaro section’ members and other comrades in Naples, Novara and Milan, decided to leave the Pcint – Battaglia Comunista.

You can easily understand how much painful this decision has been, but pondered and above all grown during the last two years.

The most important reason which led us to choose this way is that, in our opinion, the party has by now landed on positions movimentiste, spontaneiste and anarco-sindacalista-like, which have nothing to do with its own political platform.

This our conviction arises from speculations, taking up positions and operative behaviours that concerned in various ways Parma’ and Milan’ sections and, more seriously, some Committee Executive members who, with their silence, ambiguity and complicity let this degenerative trial dragged on for a long time up to this point.

The issues we completely disagree about concern:

1) party-class relationship;

2) national liberation’s wars

3) law of the tendency to fall of the profit’ rate.

We considered our duty to inform you about these matters and, moreover, we didn’t start any new party, it would have been absurd, but we found a foundation dedicated to Onorato Damen.

This is a landmark for everybody takes to heart the proletariat destiny and thinks that the problems of the socialist revolution in the XXI° century can’t be faced using the old interpretative schemes or withdrawing to positions of the Third or absolutely Second International, or using the Russian economismo of the first years of the last century. On the contrary, it’s necessary to analyse, according to the most rigorous historical materialism, all changes happened in the last century, in the ideological dominion of bourgeoisie, in the international organization of the work, in the composition of the proletariat class as well as in the relationship between capital and work owing to the development of the forms of the imperialist dominion.

In attachment you will find a more detailed document concerning the reasons for which we left Battaglia Comunista.

Best regards

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